Are you the IT guy who always sit at the desk?
Never seen a datacenter from inside?
Or if, work like a rookie?
Loosing time while searching for the right tools?
Does it bother you in your work?

Release your inner Nerd.

The NERDBELT is the standard of yourself.
No more tool sharing with your colleagues.
Everything you need for your professional workflow.
Produced locally CH-GER-AUT with absolut high quality materials and techniques like 3D knit.
The NERDBELT is also a fashion accessory that integrates perfectly into your clothing, no matter what you wear.

How often have you had to search for tools?

20 minutes.

With an average hourly IT-Admin cost of 100 euros,
the NERDBELT has already paid for itself after three searches of 20 minutes.


Equipped with state of the art tools

We searched for tools and tested them in the daily life to say now: These are the best. For sure you find tools in the NERDBELT you already know, but there will be also some new ones. For example, the Rack-Clip pliers which you can use for fitting and dismantling Clips without hurting your fingers.

Designed to work

To make your work as comfortable as possible, we found for each tool the perfect place. This gives you a fast reaction while you are in action and after some times you will put it back without looking at it. You also have the possibility to extend your NERDBELT with your own tools.
If you don’t need your NERDBELT you can easily fold it, put it on your desk or in a drawer.

Great wearing comfort

The elastic shell which holds the two tool pieces together are knitted in 3d. The solid material feels good, gives you freedom in your movement while you are working and fits to nearly everything. You will not see any traces from it on your clothes in case you wear chic trousers.

Leather belt

The belt is made out of cow leather and it holds the NERDBELT in the perfect height so that your trousers are not slipping away. Beside that you can integrate the belt perfect into your outfit and you can wear him also without the NERDBELT.

Screwdriver with 26 bit magazine, LiftUp 26one® from WIHA.
Mixed with 13 double bits in blister pack. One for all.
You will never miss this screw driver.

Voltage tester SoftFinish® single-pole, 110-250 volts.
Slotted transparent, with push-on clip Tracks the voltage.

Professional diagonal cutters with DynamicJoint.
The all-rounder for cutting to length.

Cage Nut Removal Tool
No more struggling with screw drivers or bloody fingers, this simple Cage Nut Insertion Removal Tool will save you lots of time when installing rack-mount equipment in your cabinet.

19“ 1U Rack Mount Clip
Fast positioning and installation instead of using individual cage nuts. Integral contacting for potential equalization. Preconfigured 1 U support with 3 cage nuts, including centre attachment.

We are sure you never want to miss it!


NERDBELT – The first idea came up around one year ago. Since then we worked together with the product designers from Tale. We designed, tried different types, printed models and knitted in 3d to develop a product which makes the life of an IT Admin much easier. We have our inspiration from astronauts and board mechanics from science fiction movies where a tool like the NERDBELT is a fashion accessories and is integrated in the work clothes. We searched for the best and most useful tools and ordered them in places where you have them directly in your hands also in hectic or uncomfortable situations. Now we need your support to produce the first 100 NERDBELT and with these support the NERDBELT becomes reality. Thank you very much!

Markus Founder of Nerdbelt / Owner of iThernet

Partner for professional
network communication

Designstudio based in
Basel, Switzerland